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Monday, 27 October 2008



I wanna be like Sarah. I wanna be blessed with God's miracle so that people will know His grace and sovereignty...If it is God's will, may I conceive naturally despite my polycystic ovaries.


cool! i also have a blog about laughter! wohoo!


Sharon V. Francisco

Hi, Pastor Joey. I just read your 2 books - the Mystery of the Empty Stomach & the Promise No One Wants. I was enlightened after reading The Promise No one Wants and I told myself, most likely, what's happened/is happening to my life now is God "shaking" off (1)favor of man -- when I was the victim of corporate politics; (2)ungodliness - sins too many to mention; (3)impatience and (4)myself. The story of Joseph is my favorite from the Bible because it gives so much hope. In fact, since I heard the soundtrack and saw the "Dreamer" play way back in high school (20 years ago), it's like the songs were permanently written in my heart & mind. My present situation is by far, my lowest, at least financially and well, career-wise (or the lack of it?). But, just like Paul says, I have learned to be glad & thankful whatever situation I'm in, although I don't think the Lord meant for us to not strive harder, right? But, at this low point, I am willing to be "shaken" and I am looking forward to the BREAKTHROUGHS in store for me. I lent my friend that book of yours so she could also be enlightened.
Also, I have really taken prayer & fasting seriously by extending and doing it regularly. I even read other books by foreign pastors on fasting, for me to get more in-depth explanations on the subject. I refer to it as "P & F", and I admit, initially I wanted to fast for physical/health reasons, to lower my BP. As I spent more time reading God's word and praying while fasting, I have grown to appreciate it and it has made me feel closer to our Father. I do extended P & F now, for health benefits (I pray/petition for total healing of endometriosis, myoma and anxiety) and for me to feel like I'm having a real relationship with the Lord. Praise the Lord for people like you!- SHARON V. FRANCISCO (9am attendee, though sometimes, 11am when I bring someone with me)

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