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Monday, 04 August 2008



Nice one PTR Joey!

Keep up the god Work!


There's always an impact to my life every time I hear you preach or read you archives. People clearly see that you walk with God. When you reach heaven, it will not be strange to u or new to u. seems God will call u by your first name. I cant find d word to express want i was trying to say. all i know, i want to be close to God, but i was very slow to grow/improve.

Bona Faye B.Ravina

Pastor Joey,iam a new member of VCF Dasma and still undergoing 1to1.I was so blessed by the "outrangeous-Love your enemy" topic that u shared in the Pod.My husband left me and my son for another woman and i have had conflicts w/ my father in law because he is taking side in favor of his son.I was praying for God to bless me w/ a forgiving heart...Its been a constant prayer.Listening to your preaching gave me a different perspective on forgiveness and loving those you have wronged against me.Indeed,it can be done!God is so gracious that He constantly leads me to people that can help me grow as a Christian.I thank God for making you an instrument of my healing.I know that God will continue to mold me into a child that He wanted me to be.God bless you and your family.

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