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Tuesday, 20 February 2007


regina de leon

hey, you hit it right there! when we pray, Jesus just kinda removes our blinders, like the ones they have on horses, and we get a glimpse of the bigger picture, and trusting in that we find peace what ever the outcome is...his answer to our prayers. i understand now, that's why they say He "enlightens" cos He is the light that shows the way which many times was always there, we just can't see with our blinders.

junarie de lumban

i'm in that busy/crazy situation right now because i lost my files in my attachments for my thesis and i really dont know how to recover the files, but i think its a blessing because i finally had time to read your blogs and it fits to my situation right now. i think you can make a book out of your blogs! its like reading my bible with direct messages that fits my situation right now. i pray that i too will have that eagerness to seek God with all my strength despite of all the overwhelming situations....

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