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Saturday, 24 March 2007



Thank you for this story. Makes us realize that our pastors are humans too. Faced with the same issues common to man. The difference we can make is how to deal. Very well put.

Dave Q

Thanks Joey. Really refreshing. I'm asking God for a clear direction.

I should pray more.

Thelma Bowlen

when i encounter opulence, envy is sometimes my reaction. but then God points out that my heart is not right and then i get convicted and then i realize that if it's part of His plan for me to live a life of opulence, i will. and hopefully i will be a good steward.

secondly, if my lot is to be right where i am, it is perfectly fine.

and finally, for all the opulence that some people enjoy, do they possess the most valuable treasure one could possibly want and need - that of eternal life?

this is my antidote; my sobering reminder; my equalizing factor.

opulence or not, i have come into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing.

great blog! lovet! sorry for long comment! =)

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