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Monday, 26 February 2007



Edited March 19: As previously explained the comments on this post will be edited because it is inappropriate in length (approx. 9 paragraphs) and to the intent (no longer about encouraging Chrsitians to pray) of this blog. I am however, rertaining 3 of the 9 comments giving 1 post of each of the commenters.

I don't agree with your analogy. Using shampoo is an effective method of cleaning your hair. Praying has no demonstrable effectiveness other than mere coincidence.

The Bible said that...

Prayer can move mountains
Matthew 21:21-22

Everyone who asks, receives
Matthew 7:7-8
Mark 11:24-25
Luke 11:9-13

Ask in Jesus' name, you'll receive
John 14:13-14

John 15:7

Now, let us challenge these verses:

1. Try to move, not a mountain, but a small stone simply by prayer.
2. Heal all sick children at the hospital instantly.

Aren't these prayers within the context of WHATEVER that the Bible said?

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Not all prayers have been answered, and I have seen loved ones pass away. Why certain prayers did not come to pass is a mystery to me, but I cannot give up. There is too much at stake, and if I call out to God then I just might get something more than coincidence. My sister needs a kidney transplant, and how can I tell her that it is useless to pray?

Still, I understand and appreciate your sincere thoughts on this matter.

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hi robert,
your sack of rice analogy is funny but you overlooked one slightly important fact -- your sack of rice did not die on a cross because he loves you.

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